End or the beginning
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End or the beginning Out the window, the wind, ugg boots and thoughts are flying along with the. Although the time has come to warm spring, but the wind tonight, but then the ice, so cold, seemed to mind that I am naked ugg boots sale driven out from the corner. Very often, we are always reluctant to talk, to remember some of the past, but the reality is people can not refuse, can not forget. As night I can not dominate the thoughts generally, when only the most helpless, his head buried into his arms, he was all think of the four years ago, all that winter scattered laughter and memories, as well as deep and shallow The footprints were growing dim ... ... memories ugg australia of many things, had thought he would forget, you can escape, but feeling so unexpectedly moment and clear up all the images, and even more clearly than the experience. Yesterday, I still carried as a persistent pursuit, a kind of perseverance; today, insisting that their own mistakes and the reality is far more; tomorrow, uggs on sale everything seems to be overshadowed as the as the moonlight night. Looking back, only to find himself as a cactus-like, adhering to, the whole body already covered with numerous small thorns stabbed others in the same time, also deeply Citeng ugg sale themselves. Always thought he was a strong child, can make all the loss and grief have been comforting, can not need a lot of love, can be a very good living. But the night wind has revealed the tangle of my heart, in fact, has never put down. Possible that knot, knot too real on us. Try in many times, after all, could not find the answer, why still remember the forgotten, the down, yet still fit? Hsi Mu-jung said suddenly remembered the words, "Every flower, can only open season, cardy ugg boots only to enjoy the warm season or gentle life." Originally, plants and flowers are happy with their fixed time. Perhaps because they do not need emotions, so no feelings share of the loss after loss. They preferred to remain silent, simply a fixed period of time during that happy glowing. I began to understand, love, meet, can not be explained by any reason. Nostalgia will be loved, loved a long time will be memorable. May have been too much to bear its own is not that memory, but its own constraints. While we meet the starting point in the road, but not necessarily accompanied to an end. Good things will always be short, ugg boots some things we are destined not so, the end is unavoidable departure. We have a long life in a particular season after each other, although the outcome is very helpless, with a resigned, ugg outlet but happy to have this feeling burnt treasure deep in her heart, gradually sinking into the memories of the river bed, leaving the years more concentrated it into the mellow, lingering ... ... Between noise, we have learned to keep a smile, that was big off the loneliness on? I remember you once said: If one day we're not together, and also the same as with. Since you left from your moment, I forgot how to smile, sad, sad, I just quiet hidden in a corner, telling myself over, all over. Without your understanding and comfort, I became tired ah do not drag on the cheap. Start a forced smile of us, I began to learn a strong and become careless of you, I'm afraid that one day you will not know me, with you, she ignored me, then my how? uggs on sale Whenever I see your space, I would feel inexplicable loneliness, although I try to stay inside the many warm words, but not you, it will never be full, one by one log only the title, ugg classic short fiercely sting with my heart. That silence you ask me why, I said nothing, and then you came to comfort me, always in your best to understand me, and then think if some day you left me, I will not be as dead as there is no direction. Like you said, not me, you do not know how to live, to live in what ways. So I used to look at the sky with a fixed elevation. So I found myself hopelessly hate this city. watches Gray sky always so dark. During this time, counselors sent a message saying, quick test, and to take good review and so on. So some people in the pile of books stacked climbed up and down, I naturally became an outsider, in the sand between the displaced, lectures eyes closed, eyes open sleep, I did not expect, louis vuitton watches just want to quietly degree through this chaos-down fleeting. 've Been looking for that is my freedom, a lange & sohne watches but the total can not find, in addition to a busy day, then trance is still busy, Wang Jie's songs are always so lyrical, so classic, but I have still do not understand now. Very often, I do not think I'm ordinary, just time to time again, cheap bags the same as me and unusual, I know I want is a simple happiness. I know that he was no longer as good of view, there is no substitute for that excuse, I know, I have long been thrown far away. I remember I said that with you, old days of the past must say goodbye to a happy life, to be bright smile. But, but I find that I do not like to do. mulberry bag I say warm words to write, I said I want to warm my people who are dedicated to my warm and blooming. I said, I want you to see me happy, smiling face. I said, I will not show my weakness in front of you, sad. I said, I would be better off good. I said, fendi handbags even sadness, I have to hide the sadness. I said, I want you to like me, living a happy life. Can always see the smiling mouth up 45 °. loewe bags I heard, 45 ° of the smile is the happiest and most brilliant smile. So, I have to do it, I want to be a bright, warm as ever woman. - But, you see, just how sad I was. You see, I did not do as I say, I still was so - so sad. Now we see the future is bright with confusion and when I look back, these three years, we have time together, but we cherish and how many? Perhaps some of our students will be able to end a SayGoodBye between an emotion, fendi outlet but more is even if you have the ability to express a thousand words, you can not tell a simple GoodBye. Now our feelings are numb, because we not only have to worry about with the test results, we must face the sad farewell. Want to cry, but the emotional replica handbags numbness of the lacrimal gland, Liu Buchu tears, you want to call, afraid to take my throat. . . . So I can only silently staring, silent heart blessing for you, if the world is really God, I believe we will never forget each other, even if you hundred years later, we met a gray, you can recognize each other. . . Eloquent expression of inner emotion and jimmy choo handbags dismay unclear, but more is to hope that in front, mulberry purses to see how we fight. More than half of the summer is over! In the past ten days we will have to go to a new school to create a brand new new glory! Maybe our friendship will be short, would be well! But like we are still together no matter how experienced in the exam, prada pures we will always be 3 (2) class of people! This fact will never change. Unless we lose the memories. . .   

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